The Bed Time Story Book CoverGenies, Giants and a Walrus

Amazing Adventures and Terrific Tall Tales for older readers who are ready to sink their teeth into something fun.

Fun, Fantastic and Exciting

Boys, Girls and Parents will Love Reading Genies, Giants and a Walrus.

Thor… Scheherazade… Paul Bunyan… Clever Doris?

Enjoy discovering the original myths that inspired the videos. Find new stories to make you smile.

Magic and Myth, Tricksters and Theft Wits Win and Tales Triumph

Award-winning author and storyteller Mark Binder has collected some of his favorite adventures from across the globe and put them together in one collection for the entertainment of all.

Genies, Giants and a Walrus includes some of the world’s best adventure stories, selected and edited for the pleasure of voracious young readers. From Gilgamesh and the Arabian Nights to Norse Mythology and the American West, these are stories that both girls and boys will enjoy reading and rereading. is an excellent primer for young readers… Classic tales retold with new energy… New tales that seem timeless, and a few old favorites that preserve the flavor of years gone by.

Grades 3-6 and all lovers of stories.

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