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Stories for Peace

resolving conflicts / handling bullies

by Mark Binder

Imagine new ways to resolve conflict!

Stories for Peace is a fun and quick read that will open new possibilities to handling difficult and uncomfortable problems. Using an entertaining and action-provoking style, the book raises issues and offers answers.

Ten stories plus three essays by award-winning author and storyteller Mark Binder. Includes a new section on Cyberbullying.

For adults, children, families, educators, students, activists, leaders and listeners.

Stories include: The Bully and the Shrimp (peace through conflict), The Two Monks and the Gross Slimy Monster (zen story about peace of mind), Divide and Conquer (An alternative to war), The Wall (the consequences of cyberbullying).

“Everyone agrees that the world needs peace. It is also true that the world needs stories. Mark Binder brings these two needs together and in a short time, children and adults will be amazed how they will learn together, laugh together, dream together, and be inspired to continuing creating peace in the world. What a wonderful gift for any community to continue this work that began at the beginning of time and is made real for us in these stories.”
— Rev. T. Michael Rock, Pastor/Community Activist/Nonviolence Trainer

“Mark Binder’s stories carry insight and bite. I have seen him charm young and old alike.”
— Rabbi James Rosenberg

Who is Mark Binder?

A former candidate for US Congress, Mark Binder is an author storyteller and a student and teacher of martial arts. An award-winning book and recording artist, he travels the world, sharing his work at festivals, theaters, schools, libraries, churches, synagogues and other community centers. He holds a third-degree black belt in Aikido, the martial art for peace. He promises not to throw anyone across the room.

To learn more about Mark's "Art of Peace" program for schools and organizations, please click here.

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