It Ate My Sister Book Cover

It Ate My Sister

The 100% true autobiography of an award-winning writer and professional liar

by Mark Binder

“If this is true, then I’m still alive!”
-Frank Zappa

Like many siblings, Mark and his older sister Ellen don't get along. She tortures

him, calls him names and regularly locks him out of the bathroom.

He decides to take revenge.

From bullies and wild snakes to exploding turkeys and a mysterious "Running Head," these are stories that will make you smile, laugh, and occassionally spook you out.

Written for all ages. Anyone—with a sense of humor.


  • It Ate My Sister
  • The P.I. Kid*
  • My Grandfather’s Turkey
  • The Bully and the Shrimp*
  • Runninghead
  • Middleduction
  • Where There’s Smoke
  • The Tale of Bad Breath Bill
  • The Haunted Playground
  • Abu Hassan’s Mighty Wind
  • Ellen vs. the Snakes

* Originally published in Cricket Magazine



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